Outdoor Wedding Games

Vintage Wedding Games
In my book outdoor wedding games are a must to mitigate the case of the thumb
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Decorating with Frames

Vintage Wedding Frame Decor
Frames are the perfect accessory to infuse that bit of vintage charm into your wedding decor.
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Vintage Wedding Seating Ideas

Ourdoor Ceremony Seating
Personally when I think of a vintage inspired wedding I envision fabulously mismatched chairs creating little
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About Me

valerieMeet Valerie
CEO and Designer

Columbus, Ohio
United States

My love for vintage goes as far back as I can remember. I remember growing up in the 80s in the height of the CD era and the LeVert song Casanova and being more into old LPs, Sam Cooke, and Sinatra. That was about the same time I started collecting vintage purses, something my Sierra Leonean grandmother got me interested in that I am still passionate about to date.

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